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5x5 HD Lace Bob Wig
Introducing our sensational bob wigs, offering you the flexibility to choose between a glueless or adhesive application method. With 5x4 HD lace, these wigs are the ultimate steal for achieving your desired look. Prepare to be the center of attention...
$350.00 $155.00
Bang Bob Wig
$299.00 $199.99
Bang Bob Wig
Introducing our stunning Glueless Bob wig with a bang. This wig offers the perfect blend of style and convenience. Ensuring a comfortable fit, and can be easily removed nightly for maximum comfort and versatility. With a 4x4 closure, you'll achieve...
$299.00 $199.99
$215.00 $180.00
Bobs never go out of style. These Bobs can be worn Glueless or with adhesive. Our Bobs come with our “Super Thin Lace” they will melt right into the scalp. Easy Breezy short look for that switch up look! You...
$215.00 $180.00
Body Wave Wig
$300.00 from $250.00
Body Wave Wig
Introducing our highly sought-after Mink Cambodian Bodywave Lace Frontal Wig, a true gem among hair extensions. This exceptional wig is equipped with our revolutionary SUPER THIN LACE for a flawless blend. Crafted from 100% virgin hair with perfectly aligned cuticles,...
$300.00 from $250.00
Burmese Curly Wig
Indulge in our  NEWEST luxurious softness with effortless maintenance introducing our Burmese curly  hair. Our HD Burmese WIGS are designed to provide a natural hairline and feature delicate baby hair for an authentic look. Crafted from 100% Burmese hair with...
from $485.00
Cambodian 5x5 HD LACE WIGS
Are you ready for the ultimate Glueless wig experience? Our Glueless HD Cambodian Wigs are the total package. They come ready to wear,pre-plucked,lace cut,adjustable elastic bands and very beginner friendly for a two minute install. With our highest quality of...
from $189.00
Cambodian Mink Body Wave 5x5 Closure
Introducing our exquisite Cambodian Mink Body Wave 5 x 5 Closure, offering a luxuriously soft texture and minimal maintenance. This closure is generously sized to cover the majority of the middle of the forehead, providing a seamless and natural look....
$125.00 from $100.00
Cambodian Mink Body Wave Frontal
Experience the ultimate in luxury and ease with our Priela Cambodian Mink Body Wave Frontal. This frontal boasts a luxuriously soft texture and requires minimal maintenance. Measuring from ear to ear, this unit can be easily customized to your head...
from $145.00
Cambodian Mink Deep Curly 5x5 Closure
Cambodian Mink Deep Curly 5 x 5 Closure hair is luxuriously soft and low maintenance. This closure is big in size and will cover most of your forehead. All of our hair is 100% virgin hair with all of the cuticles aligned in...
from $135.00
Cambodian Mink Deep Curly Frontal
Indulge in the luxurious softness and effortless maintenance of our Priela Cambodian Mink Deep Curly Frontal hair. Our frontals are designed to provide a natural hairline and feature delicate baby hair for an authentic look. Crafted from 100% virgin hair...
from $140.00
Cambodian Mink Italian Wave 5x5 Closure
Introducing our versatile Mink Cambodian Deep Curly Wave Wig, a true game-changer. This wig features our remarkable SUPER THIN LACE that seamlessly melts into your scalp once customized. Wear it in its natural state or simply wet it for a...
$125.00 from $110.00
Cambodian Mink Italian Wave Frontal
Experience the ultimate in luxury and low maintenance with Priela Cambodian Mink Italian Wave Frontal hair. Our frontals are designed to provide a luxuriously soft texture while requiring minimal upkeep. With measurements from ear to ear, our frontals create a...
from $110.00
Cambodian Mink Straight 5x5 Closure
Discover the ultimate in softness and low-maintenance beauty with our Cambodian Straight Closure hair. This closure is thoughtfully designed with a larger size, providing excellent coverage for your forehead. The thin and translucent lace effortlessly blends with your skin tone,...
$125.00 from $110.00
Cambodian Mink Straight Frontal
Indulge in the luxurious softness and low-maintenance beauty of our Cambodian Mink Straight Frontal hair. Designed to provide a natural and healthy full head of hair, our frontals are perfect for those looking to give their natural hair a break....
from $140.00
Chrissy Wig
"Introducing The Chrissy wig, a custom-made, high-quality hair solution designed to transform your look and elevate your style. Featuring 5x5 HD lace colored jet black and a layered style, this wig is both comfortable and stylish. With three cap sizes...
Custom Highlight 24 inch HD closure Wig
Introducing our stunning "HD" closure wig with custom highlights. This exquisite wig features a luxurious 24-inch length, complemented by a flawless 20-inch HD 5x5 closure. Designed for easy daily removal, this wig offers a remarkable lifespan of 5 plus years,...
$1,350.00 $1,250.00
Deep Curly Wig
$300.00 from $250.00
Deep Curly Wig
Introducing our luxurious Mink Lace Front Deep Curly wig, designed for those who crave the convenience of ready-to-go hair. This texture is perfect for achieving the wet-and-go look effortlessly. Featuring our remarkable SUPER THIN LACE, this wig seamlessly blends into...
$300.00 from $250.00
Elite Blonde Cambodian Mink Straight Lace Front Wig
Introducing our exquisite Elite Blonde Collection Cambodian Transparent Straight Lace Front Wig, a prized gem in our Elite Collection. We understand the challenges of finding high-quality blonde hair in today's market, which is why we take pride in offering this...
from $287.50
Elite Transparent Cambodian Mink Straight Full Lace Wig
Introducing the extraordinary Elite Blonde Collection Cambodian Straight Full Lace Wig, a captivating addition to our esteemed Elite Collection. In today's challenging market, finding high-quality blonde hair can be a daunting task. However, with our exceptional wig featuring SUPER THIN...
from $310.00
Exfoliate Me
Try our “New” Spin Brush! Apart of our “GLOW” system this Brush is used to aid in exfoliating your skin with our One of a kind “GLOW” soap. With two cycles High and Low for a more customized skin regimen....
$35.00 $24.99
Ginger Baby
The 5x5 HD Lace Closure wig is designed with a custom ginger spiced color, which some may describe as orange. This wig offers the flexibility to be worn glueless or with adhesive, depending on your personal preference. When ordering, please...
High Definition “HD” Lace Frontal
Introducing the revolutionary thinnest lace ever introduced to the hair industry! This remarkable innovation is designed to provide an unparalleled level of realism and seamless blending with any scalp and skin tone. Our extremely thin lace is a game-changer, as...
from $250.00
The Indian Natural Wave hair is known for its versatility and high quality. It can be easily colored to the desired shade and retains curls for extended periods of time. Additionally, it can be flat ironed for a sleek and...
from $140.00
It’s the Color for Us Lace Frontal Wig 🔥🔥
Our custom highlighted wig offers a stunning three-dimensional look with strategically placed highlights and low lights. With this wig, you can effortlessly achieve a vibrant and dynamic hair color without the need to spend hours at the salon or incur...
from $300.00
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